Colombian Sugarcane Decaf

Colombian Sugarcane Decaf

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Naturally decaffeinated! 

Dark Bold and Delicious!

Dark Roast

Cup: low acidity, silky full body

Altitude: 1200-2000 meters 

Wet processed / Sun dried / Sugar cane decaffeinated



No synthetic chemicals or chemically derived solvents are used.

The Sugar Cane process begins with fermenting molasses derived from sugarcane! Its steamed and the caffeine is processed out then dried again. 

In many coffee producing countries (especially Colombia) sugarcane is grown in abundance, so it makes sense to use this naturally occurring crop to decaffeinate coffee at origin. This method also drastically reduces the amount of fuel used to get the coffee to its final destination, since it cuts out the shipment to a far flung decaffeination plant. The coffee is decaffeinated in Colombia, often very nearby the mill where it is processed, which has the added bonus of leaving more of the profits from production in coffee producing countries. Of all the decafs we tasted, the sugarcane options all had the sweetest, most balanced and pleasing cup!